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Our Consulting Practice provides transformational advice and innovative services that capture the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge.  
Consulting Services
Helping organizations design, implement and operate technology
By making an impact on the challenges that our clients face today, and mitigating those they may face in the future, we help them design, implement and operate technology.  Through roadmap planning, risk management and effective solution alignment we equip them with the confidence that leads to effective decisions for their organizations.
Our consulting engineers, architects, project managers and operations analysts have a comprehensive track record of success in complex and challenging assignments.
Consulting Practice Groups
Our consulting practice is organized into three specialist areas:
Operations & Provisioning leverages our systems expertise, operational processes, management platforms and vendor relationships to help clients operate, maintain, develop and adapt information systems.
Infrastructure Solutions provides a framework within which clients can identify where the innovative use of emerging technologies can drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline operations.
Architecture & Strategy works with senior executives to help envision how current state architecture should be developed to support the execution of their business plan.
By focusing on delivering truly executable and commercially realistic strategies we provide insight that empowers decisive action.
Consulting - Practice Groups 


Trouble Diagnosis & Resolution 
A suite of services focused on diagnosing and resolving problems with many types of technical environments addressing the needs of end user organizations, service providers, integrators and carriers.
Trouble Diagnosis & Resolution leverages our expertise, diagnostic capability and incident management processes to help clients isolate and resolve problems within their system architecture and underlying infrastructure.  Consulting Engineers engage in both pre-planned projects and in response to outages and unexpected failure incidents
Our engineering expertise is augmented by an extensive inventory of diagnostic systems, analytics engines and system laboratories as well as deep relationships with all major software & hardware organizations, SaaS vendors, telecommunication carriers and threat analysis specialists.
We engage in a multiplicity of scenarios including on behalf of end users, in support of vendors needing integration expertise to unfamiliar technologies, and often as an "honest broker" helping multiple, and often competing parties, identify the root cause of issues that span multiple technical and ownership silos.


Consulting - Operations & Provisioning - Trouble Diagnosis & Resolution
Infrastructure Transformation
A structured analysis process defining the optimum transition path between current state infrastucture to an environment capable of supporting evolving business and organizational change.


Consulting - Architecture & Strategy - Infrastructure Transformation
Infrastructure Transformation provides the analytic and planning components, which map a clear path between existing platforms and those which can withstand the competitive environment of tomorrows demands.  Focusing on practical and actionable outcomes, we harness the potential of emerging technology to provide variable scaling, improved performance and reliability while enhancing security and protecting Information.
Using an array of tools, rapid assessment processes, industry specific reference architecture models and predictive scheduling timelines, we provide in depth recommendations, change strategies and risk assessments addressing both strategic and tactical components.
Using this highly interactive approach we help our clients rationalize cost, increase agility, mitigate risk and improve service quality across their IT operations including:
  • Data center facilities, infrastructure, and management
  • Desktop & mobile technology, messaging and collaboration
  • Network design and security for voice & data
  • Optimization of server, storage and SAAS resources